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February 23, 2018

: George Fadersen, with an amethyst geode, says his door is always open.

George Fadersen opens his home and backyard to all rock enthusiasts.

Mr Fadersen is the founder of the GV Gem, Mineral and Craft Group, a non-profit organisation.

The group has been operating for more than 15 years and brings a social element to its members’ lives.

The members officially meet twice a week to polish, cut and admire precious rocks and minerals they have collected. However, Mr Fadersen says his door is always open to visitors.

‘‘The sign in the front yard and the dog will welcome visitors at any time’’ he said.

With more than 35 members, the backyard is filled with items including nine grinders, five polishing machines, trim saws and a 20-inch slab saw.

‘‘We’ve got a top-of-the-range workshop,’’ Mr Fadersen said.

The group networks with other gem, mineral and craft groups from all over to gain access to places including Lake Cooper Quarry and Flinders Island.

‘‘We are very aware of developments progressing and we want to get there first before it’s destroyed,’’ he said.

Mr Fadersen’s workshop wall is made up of cabinetry filled to the brim with precious stones and minerals he has collected through the years.

A communal bucket sits in Mr Fadersen’s backyard, filled with rocks and minerals collected and ready to be cut and polished.

The GV Gem, Mineral and Craft Group meets every Wednesday and Saturday from 9.30am at 12 Gilchrist St, Shepparton. To find out more, phone Mr Fadersen on 58318466.

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