LGBTI experiences of homelessness

August 07, 2017

We are currently recruiting for a study on LGBTI Experiences of Homelessness in Victoria. Specifically, we are looking for people aged 15 and over who have firsthand experiences of homelessness and identify as LGBTI, who might be interested in participating in a 45-60 minute interview. The interview would cover a range of themes including sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics, current needs and experiences of accessing services, pathways into and out of homelessness, disclosure and data collection, and best practice. An adult support person of your choice (for example, a friend or case manager) is welcome to accompany you, and this is strongly encouraged for anyone who is under the age of 18. This research will help build our knowledge of LGBTI experiences of homelessness in Victoria and hopefully lead to improvements in policy, practice, and training. The project is being led by Associate Professor Ruth McNair (Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne, and Chair of the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia), with assistance from Dr Cal Andrews. The research is supported by the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia, Launch Housing, the Assia Altman Fund of the Australian Communities Foundation, the Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation, Victorian Government, other public and private sources, and has been approved by the University of Melbourne Human Ethics Committee. If you are interested in being involved, the interview and your consent to participate will be recorded beforehand, and your name will not be cited in the research. You are also free to withdraw at any stage. If you might be interested in participating, please contact the project worker (Cal) directly (Ph: 0413 642 019 E: Alternatively, if you are able to distribute this information among your networks, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time.


Honorary Associate Professor and Principal Researcher

Department of General Practice University of Melbourne

P: 0419 120 663 

Cal Andrews BSc. (Hons.), PhD

RA/Project Worker

Department of General Practice University of Melbourne

P: 0413 642 019 

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